26 Leake Street
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The Banksy piece ‘Giant Rat’ appeared on the side of the derelict White House pub in 2004 as a Liverpool Biennial artwork. The original mural covered both ground and first floors of the three storey building on both the Berry Street and Duke Street facades and depicted a giant rat holding a large ‘graffiti’ marker pen, with the word Banksy on it, having just daubed a red zigzag line around

the building.

Local builders redeveloping the site took the piece off the wall themselves. They did this by

drawing a grid over the wall, cutting sections and labelling them. If you are ever tempted to remove a Banksy please do not do this - the money they saved in removing the piece was spent three times over when it came to restoration.

The artwork arrived in 64 bags, each of which contained 6 - 10 pieces ranging from the size of a A5 page to that of a postcard. It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the first two months were spent re-assembling the pieces and trimming their depth to be uniform.


Once the individual pieces were trimmed and cleaned, a five month restoration of the jigsaw was undertaken.


* The above information was given by the company that manage the art on behalf of the owner.